This is not a game!

I'm submitting this as sort of a conceding move, as I am entirely out of time. 

There is not all that much gameplay,  no sound, no music, but there is some art I'm proud of.


A and D to rotate. W for forward. 

and Space for boost. (Also the engine lights up and darkens based off of how much boost you have, and the planets do something when boosted into too .)


The only real game play at the moment is to run into the planets while boosting to blow them up. The explosion animation is a little misplaced, so it might look a bit weird. But it is a big 8-frame hand drawn animation!

The main gravity script is a is a script I did heavily edit but was still made by someone else. I nearly, nearly managed to create something much like it before finding it though, which I'm happy about. (I didn't really know to use magnitudes is where I got stuck there.)

Everything else besides that were made entirely be me, with some 3D model help from a friend. (That spinning thing propelling the spacecraft was first made by my friend for the jam as a 3D model, that was then traced over to be a 2D spritesheet. Weird decision I know.)


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It was very peaceful and the movement compelling, I stayed floating around randomly for more time than I would like to admit.

The spinning thing looks very cool.

Keep improving, keep learning, good job you did something even if not fully finished.

If possible check my game out too, i'm looking for some feedback :)


You could have had an easier time with gravity if you used the point effector 2D. Check out this video from Brackeys 

Wow yeah that would have been a bit easier... well at least I learned alot of code! That honestly wasn't even the worst thing I did, I also absolutely refused to use the Bounds function for the camera targeting too, just to save on a tiny bit of optimization, ended up taking 4 hours.